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Home & Cook

Home&Cook is an international chain with stores all over the world with a concept that brings innovations into your home. In Outlet Arena Moravia you will find products of international brands like Tefal, Rowenta, WMF, Krups and Lagostina. These products represent a  European tradition dating back to the middle of the 19th century. Tefal is a versatile brand not limited to the traditional nonstick pans that have been a worldwide hit since 1954. The WMF brand makes electric appliances such as home bakeries, food processors, fryers, kettles and other products. The Rowenta brand is focused primarily on body and beauty but it also produces irons and excellent vacuum cleaners. Krups is a traditional brand focusing on devices for coffee brewing and breakfast preparation. And the traditional Italian brand Lagostina specializes in producing high quality stainless steel cookware.

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