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Saxoo London

Saxoo London

SAXOO LONDON is a genuine European menswear brand, which has been founded in 1997 by Hungarian Imre Poteczki, owner and CEO of the company. Since 2008 Imre Bacskai joined him as co-owner and CEO and enriched the company with his more than 20 years experience in retail. The first inspirations of the company came from the London Fashion of the early 90's. A young English designer has been working with the founder of SAXOO LONDON to develop it's first collections. However during the years, the brand developed it's own distinguished style which reflects the most recent international fashion trends, but through it's unique features still keeps the brand's individuality. SAXOO LONDON collections are dedicated for cosmopolitan people that are sensible for the fashion, open-minded, like to dress up in a smart casual manner and can wear with pride SAXOO LONDON garments, as the symbol of multicultural lifestyle. The company is proud of it's own production line, situated in Eastern Hungary and of it's other local suppliers that are providing stable manufacturing backround and European quality since many years. Customers appreciate that beside receiving excellent quality, they are supporting the maintenance of European manufacturing traditions. Collections are made in limited series, not intended for the mass market. It is suggested for those individuals that want to stand out from the mass and are eager to venture into new fashion dimensions. The company's sales strategy is including the operation of a franchise network as well as company owned retail units and outlets. More than 35 SAXOO LONDON shops are found throughout Eastern Europe and the company's vision for the next couple of years is to expand it's sales network into the nearby European regions.

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