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After a short walk, spring comes. Despite the frosty morning, they feel the sun's rays and hear the birds singing. To make it even more enjoyable, you can dine it with desserts or good coffee in Costa Coffee cafes.

NEW Matcha-anise flat white

Do you like coffee that you do not want to give up, but at the same time taste Japanese Japanese Matcha tea? Coffee tea could not seem to be combined, but the opposite is true. They complement each other perfectly and result in a strong, delicious coffee with the beneficial effects of tea that awakens you from winter sleep. It will taste everyone who likes a slightly spicy and pungent taste on the tongue. Matcha-anýz flat white coffee also contains pepper seasoning and anise extract. The mixture is gluten-free and lactose-free, and if you choose alternative coffee to make coffee, you have Vegan Matcha-anýz flat white in the world. Try "green" coffee. Green is the color of nature, balance, tranquility and hope. Which spring is no doubt.

Fiber latte

This coffee beverage is a messenger of spring. Winter still crawls under the nails, but the violets, fragrant, popularly called violets, are already beginning to bloom. Sweets are prepared from their dried candied flowers. Do you know the purple candy? You do not get caught in the Coffee Coffee cafe, but you can enjoy another "candy". And coffee in the form of Fialk latte. It is a favorite coffee beverage supplemented with violet syrup. Spring is calling.

Leek-wheat cake with raspberries

Raspberries and in winter? You do not have to send Maruška to twelve months. Ripe raspberries with nuts can also be found in Costa Coffee. This cake, rich in raspberries on the surface, is additionally with hazelnuts and vanilla-caramel cream. Thanks to the composition of the cake, even the vegans come in, it is lactose free. Together with Matcha-anýz flat white, both news perfectly matched. There is nothing to taste, however. Everyone will enjoy it.

Call Spring with your closest coffee cafes Costa Coffee. During March and April, banana bread with pecan nuts and banana pieces for each coffee at a discounted price is served in the morning (until 11 pm). More at www.costa-coffee.cz.

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